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postheadericon Does the Social Media Cause Increase in Identity Thefts And Other Frauds

The latest survey regarding increase in the identity threats and other related crimes gives us a clear picture of how such crimes damage the data stored along with the overall systems beyond repair. It combines unsecured consumer data, without any protection to the identity of consumers in the online sites. It offers threats to the transactions without any security.

Laxity leads the lapses

The online networks get extended by targeting business promotion activities relating to individuals based on the references given. The clients are subjected to provide the required information while enrolling. But with legal lapses, negligence while instructing the procedures to the clients by the industry completely lacks in security, scrutiny and in character identification which leads to identity theft and other frauds.

Opportunities for criminals

The increase in the social media network allowed information to be published in larger scale without any restrictions. The information can be copied, used and misused in the world of internet. Lots of information shared on the social media channels such as Facebook or Tweeter can be unwillingly attracts the attention from the followers. The messages posted about you spending holidays away from home can invite offenders to make use of the opportunity. The photographs or videos shared on social sites like Flicker or You Tube can indirectly invite the stalkers or strangers to utilize it for purposeful offence.

The information that we make available about ourselves and the places we are visiting create curiosities in minds of criminals who misuse the opportunities.

The type of information given below, which you share on social media, can easily distort your image:

  • Your Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Hometown
  • Relationship status
  • Interests

Better ways to deal with social media

1While using the social media and while sharing the information, one should be very careful about – to whom are you giving all the personal details to? The better ways to deal with social media is not to share any information about you or your family with the strangers and avoid the traps led by the criminals. At any point, if you need any additional help, then you can visit the theft protection company Lifelock which offers complete protection. Visit LifeLock review to know more about what clients say about the company.

  • Do not share your standardized savings number and also driving permit numbers.
  • Choose unique account names and complex passwords for every profile.
  • Update the passwords every now and then.
  • If you are actively using social media network then share minimum personal information in the profiles which reduces the chances of data being used for phishing or hacking.
  • Never share your personal information including your address, educational details, and email-id or phone numbers.
  • Always welcome or invite the people whom you know either personally or by references.
  • Avoid posting controversial information which can be used against you later at any point.
  • Google your information and have check on what is been displayed including your credit bills in the yearly reports.
  • Buyers are needed to understand the usage of online business transactions and about safety and security of online networking.