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postheadericon The Rise of Unlimited Data SIMs in 2016

Unlimited data SIMs are a new phenomenon that has been preferred by many users due to the benefits that they offer. Unlike home broadband that would cost a lot in monthly subscriptions, unlimited data SIMs are a great alternative that allows you to choose a package that will not hurt your budget. What is more interesting is the fact unlimited data SIMs offer faster and stronger connection than ever before, and allow for near unlimited file downloads. In 2016, various companies have come up with different packages for their unlimited data SIMs and this is something that has been welcomed with joy due to the changes the ideas have brought.

Some of the benefits that come with unlimited data SIMs include the fact that you will not have to pay for your handset, which reduces your monthly bill. The contract may span between 1 and 12 months, so you are able to enjoy the benefits for a longer period, or make a smaller commitment if you’d simply like to try out unlimited data. This alone brings peace of mind as far as getting mobile data is concerned.

Also note that the speed is not affected despite the fact you are issued a great margin to enjoy the benefits if using the SIM. If you are among those who use the internet very often, then you will not have to worry about low speeds as there are 4G options, which allow you to have internet access uninterrupted. You can expect the speed to remain strong even when downloading larger files and accessing data hungry applications.

Do not also forget that you are offered great flexibility when you choose unlimited data SIMs, which is one of the things that have motivated more people to buy the SIMs. Before the end of the year, many companies will have realized the need to offer users better products and packages like Three has been doing.

Competition has been a driving factor to the availability of affordable and effective unlimited data SIMs in the market. Each company is working to offer value to customers so as to get some market share. Therefore, you will find different packages in the market to choose from.

Three has been highlighted as the best company for unlimited data SIMs, and this has been because of the fact they have worked to improve their products to offer more reliability. Many users in 2016 find unlimited data SIMs from Three better because not only are the rates friendly, but the terms offered are ideal for many users. Three offers users 600 minutes and 5000 texts for a monthly cost of £25. The contract lasts for 12 months, but the company offers traffic management.

This SIM only allows the user to access 30 days of the service, which costs £20. They also have traffic management and offer unlimited texts and minutes. One of the bottlenecks of using the plan is that there is a restriction on speed once 6GB of data is consumed.

BT Mobile
BT Mobile offers a 12-month contract and monthly costs of £25. You are offered 20GB data and unlimited texts and minutes.